social-media-monitoringSocial Media is great right?  Most of us spread the love of this exciting channel on a daily basis.  You’re putting your message out there, talking to your customers etc.  But are you monitoring your campaigns?  It’s not as fun as posting cat photos, but it is a crucial part of any Social Media plan and I’m going to tell you why. 

1. Tracking the trends that are hot.

It’s not all about a hashtag.  More so it’s about seeing which trend, keyword or phrase is ranking high at any given time.  These trends may show you the which items are going to have the highest SEO opportunities at any given time.  Tracking trends can be seasonal, by topic or if you’re truly a crazy person by the minute.  Don’t wait until a trend is cliche, try and be in the mix earlier than that.  

2. Customer service can not be stressed enough.

From a giant business to a small mom and pop shop your customers will ask you questions.  They will likely use social networks more and more.  Social networks offer the customer an easy way to ask a question.  They don’t have to feel embarrassed or intimidated to leave a Facebook post.  Heck, research shows that a full 30% of customers will ask a question via social media before they try any other avenue.  

What is important is to understand this isn’t just the folks talking to you directly via a post or a tweet.  It is about monitoring people talking ABOUT you to their friends, sites for reviews, blogs etc.  

No company is bigger than their customers.  Make sure your social media consultant is on the ball with this.  In many cases it is much more important than that latest cute post you made on FB.   

It isn’t just about the questions or complaints either.  If someone says something nice about the product or service they received from you take the opportunity to understand the situation and utilize the information for your next strategy plan. 

3. Research your competitors!

Sure, you can check on your competition’s page or follow their tweets.  That’s not really what we’re talking about here.  While it IS important to see what their up to, you can also see who is following your competition.  Are these followers folks that might also like your brand?  Can you give these followers of your competition something they can’t offer?  You can also see how your challenger is operating their customer service strategy.  Can you do better?  Can you take good ideas and make them great?

This is definitely not an comprehensive list of reasons to actively monitor your social media.  Rather I wanted to just plant the idea of why you need to engage in this activity.  It is an essential part of any complete social media strategy.