conmanThere are many very good agencies to choose from when selecting an SEO firm.  Unfortunately there are many to avoid as well.  We will try and outline some very definite signs the agency you’re speaking too might be worth avoiding.  

1. We will guarantee to get you on the first page of Google.

This is an unfortunate claim.  We sometimes get requests from new clients to guarantee this so I can sort of understand why some agencies (unscrupulous) might make this claim.  The reality of the situation is that no one can guarantee this.  One of the biggest factors in the Google Algorithm is traffic to your site.  So there is no way you can guarantee that.  Sure we can absolutely work on getting you more visibility  and in turn that will lead to better traffic, but a guarantee?  I’m afraid we can’t do that. 

2. We’re better, we know someone that works at Google. 

Google employees around 50,000 employees.  So this could be possibly true.   They could know someone at Google.  I actually know a couple of people that have worked there in the past.  Does that affect my performance?  Not in the least.  For one thing most people at Google have very little to do with search rankings.  Secondly those that do are very unlikely to risk their high paying positions just to influence the ranking of this agencies clients.

3. We understand Google’s Algorithm completely making us experts.

Google’s methods are very complex.  Not only are they very complicated but they change very often as well.  Every agency should be trying to understand what Google changes.  Some things are thought of as likely to be in the formula.  However, if someone tells you they’ve mastered it, or are experts take it with a grain of salt. 

4. We have the secret formula for high rankings.

There are no secrets in this business.  It is hard work and diligence that pays off in the end.  If someone is touting or selling a secret formula they  might be referring to black hat or unethical behavior.  Both of these routes will cost you either in the long run or the short term.  The SEO world is very open and we share as much as possible with each other.  There is no magic and no pixie dust, just research and work. 

5. We offer our service for free.

Unfortunately there is no way a business can stay in business without a customer investment.  Sure there are times when we offer reduced pricing or a bundle deal for a client.  However, there is no free lunch.  If someone is claiming to offer everything for free they are likely trying to access your personal and or business information – Be very wary.