Email-MarketingForget subtle!  This is digital marketing.  When is the last time a subtle headline caught your attention in the newspaper? The same can be said for the subject line of your email.  It needs to scream “Read Me! I’m important!”  Email subject lines must be significant for the intended reader.

Here are 6 ways you can be on track to write email subject lines that actually help your open rate.

1. Simplicity is beautiful.  Don’t concern yourself with being overly clever by going on and on.  A good rule of thumb is to keep the subject line to 60 characters or less. 

 2. Honesty does work.  If you make a claim in your subject line it is very important that you deliver in the body of your email. Don’t make a dishonest claim – your email list will quickly assume this is how you do business.

 3. Identify yourself: As you establish a relationship with your email recipients and nurture them, your company’s name in their inbox alone should compel them to open the email.

 4. Action baby!  Use language that makes the reader need to open that message.  The sense of urgency must be there, otherwise they can “get to your email later.”

 5.  the most beautiful word someone can hear or read is their own name.  If you can personalize the subject you’re on the right track.  No one likes to feel as though they’re just another name on a list.  Use dynamic tags to insert things like company, title and even name.

 6. You’re never done editing.  Very likely your first draft will have too long of subject line.  Keep removing excess words without losing the intent of the message (you also need to make sure your grammar is still correct.)   


Don’t trigger spam filters by doing silly, gimmicky things.  Relax on the ALL CAPS, exclamation points and sales like words. Just put away the list of “Free!” and “Limited time only” phrases.