Facebook and other Social Media platforms are not just about interaction with your customers. Not to imply that interaction isn’t important; it most definitely is crucial. However, Social Media has evolved into driving sales and establishing successful PR campaigns for many forward thinking businesses.

  1. It’s pervasive.Unless you’re living in a rural village in a third world everyone is engaged in Social Media. While the big players are still Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and others are quickly gaining ground. It’s an en excellent way for you to promote your brand, message your customers and interact with prospects. Awareness of your product or service is the first step in the sales cycle.

  2. It’s limitless From the smallest local business to the largest multinational company, Social Media allows you to level the competition. Sure the larger companies already have more of a customer base, but if you can work hard, and be creative you can compete on their level. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

  3. Someone else will do it. Your competition is quite likely already using Social Media. If you want to keep playing in the same market you need to play in the same sandbox. Get in there before it’s too late.

  4. Search engines like Social Media. More users will come across your message if you are spreading that message across various networks and platforms — all which lead prospects to your website or landing page.

  5. It’s good to share. Your mother taught you the value of sharing. Social Media takes that a step further. On different networks your fans/customers/friends can share your news and product info to all of their friends potentially spreading your message exponentially more effectively than traditional advertising.

  6. Users of Social Media are not shy.They will comment on your content and allow you to gather up valuable information regarding how they perceive your offerings. The savvy marketer can use this data to adjust and improve their approach to their business. It also shows your fans and followers that you really do care about their opinions. This is why actively engaging your Social Media customers is not optional! With the newest offerings in analytic tools all of this can be measured very accurately.

  7. Social Media isn’t going away. Social Media has staying power. When you buy a billboard for a single month you know unequivocally that your message will be up for 30 days. If you post or share something in the Social Media world that actively engages your fans your message my last months… years.

  8. Ease of the purchase. When you place an ad in a magazine, or run a TV commercial you’re asking your customer to take additional steps to purchase your product. The have to go home, start the computer, possibly remember the website, search for the product etc. With Social Media your customers can go from learning about the product, to purchasing the product in literally just a few clicks.