If you’re not intimately familiar with the marketing world you may find yourself slightly confused between the terms advertising and marketing. These are two very distinctive things, different and apart from each other. While both techniques are used hand in hand to increase your sales or business, they are not the same thing.

If you’re a business owner you’ve been approached by SALESPEOPLE selling advertising. Some of the less credible sales folks will even introduce themselves as Marketing Professionals. This is just as inaccurate as a dentist introducing themselves as a podiatrist. We need both types of doctors; we just can’t confuse the two! Otherwise we end up with braces on our toes and bunions on our gums.

Advertising is always marketing, but Marketing is not always advertising.

Advertising is usually based largely on an aspect of the media. The media can be Print, Search Ads, Yellow Pages, BillBoards, Radio etc. Regardless of the form, advertising conveys a message through media.

Click Magnet supports online advertising because of it can be tightly targeted and is becoming more popular each year.

The founders of Click Magnet Internet Marketing have all worked with traditional modes of advertising in our previous lives as marketing execs at different companies. So how is marketing different? Marketing is defined as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

When a company comes to Click Magnet for help with their marketing strategy we approach the challenge from many angles.

  1. Public Relations Planning events, communicating with the press to get as much free coverage as possible. This concept is sometimes called ‘earned media’ as opposed to paid media. Paid Media = Advertising.

  2. Business Strategy Specialist What combination of marketing elements will serve the client the best? They can also be involved with the positioning of the new product or service being worked on. Every product, service or business needs to have a unique selling position that will resonate emotionally with a potential customer.

  3. The Creative Team They will create and design graphics like logos, collateral and will assist in planning the media campaign to support the new endeavor.

  4. The Account Manager They tie everyone at the marketing agency together to make sure the process is under control and effective. They also serve as the liaison between the client and the agency.

Small businesses may not have the personnel to support all of these roles internally. Sometimes a larger company prefers to work with a specialized company like Click Magnet Internet Marketing simply because of our vast experience in the digital realm.

Marketing can be any type of promotional activity done in a client’s interest. When your company holds a promotion like a contest or raffle – this is marketing – not advertising. When your business adopts a new phone script for incoming calls – that can also be considered marketing.

You may need to advertise your promotion. (e.g. “Come down to the Budget Used Car Sale and receive a free pair of tickets to a movie just for taking a test drive”) The creation of the promotion was a marketing task. Now you can use advertising to get your message out to the masses. When a company needs strikingly new packaging for their new product, this is a marketing function.

In many ways, marketing can be thought of as a large umbrella which includes advertising, but so much more! By learning the difference between the two, it becomes much clearer why each has its role.

A marketing agency judges success by how many products you sell and your bottom line. A non-marketing agency cares about how much spend on a particular radio station in ad dollars.

Learning how to formulate a strategic marketing campaign is a skill that takes years of experience to hone. Click Magnet Internet Marketing can help you formulate a complete marketing campaign for your product or service. For more questions drop us a line at info@theclickmag.net.