Businesses Shouldn’t Buy Shares, Likes, or Other Silly Things

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I’m going to start this off with restating that this is my opinion, but one I feel very strongly about. What’s interesting to note is that most “social media gurus” don’t offer opinions. Instead they typically want to convince you their way is the only way. That’s what makes them a guru right? Well run – don’t walk, from anyone that tells you they’ve mastered social media. Just like in the spiritual sense a true guru is still a student. The more you know, the more humble you should be.
Facebook SharesNow that i’ve gotten that my little rant is over I want to talk about something I’ve seen a lot of on Facebook lately. We’ve talked about why buying likes is a not just a bad idea, but a really bad idea. So now some of the get rich quick folks have switched their product over to ‘shares’. “We will share your post with 25,000 people”….for the low low price of blah blah blah. Wait? What kind of people? Are you ‘sharing’ my post about my cute stuffed animals to the same folks you’re sharing posts about Viagra with? Where do they live? I have a Tucson Bakery but my post got shared with 25,000 in Malaysia. Well that will just do wonders for sales of my donut holes.
Sharing your post with people that are uninterested or unengaged is the exact same thing as sending out junk mail to 25,000 people. Either those folks don’t need, want, or are interested your service, or even worse they aren’t in your service area. This is the reason people are leaving traditional advertising every day. One of the main benefits of digital marketing is that (when you’re doing it correctly) you’re reaching people at the Zero Moment of Truth (term used by Google.) You’re delivering a solution to a problem THEY have at the MOMENT they have the problem. When you engage in these schemes to mass share you’re just sending junk mail to people that aren’t interested.
IT’S NOT ABOUT REACH It’s about reaching the right people. Would you rather REACH 25,000 and have 10 people buy your product? or REACH 1000 People and have 100 buy your product. REACH is no longer the metric I would advise any client to use. Click Magnet Internet Marketing works with all of our Tucson clients to find out what the metric THEY use for success. It could be a sale, a signup, a registration…it’s different for other businesses.
You want the highest reach? Hire a plane to drop 50,000 flyers into a stadium during a football game. Reach = High Effectiveness = Low.
I would be remiss not to mention the other negative aspects of paying someone to share your posts. Online users are savvy. If your posts appear in their feeds and their start clicking on “I don’t want to see this” (An option on Facebook) the next post of yours gets fewer and fewer eyeballs. It’s not just a mental reputation for being an intrusive advertiser. It is also a change in the the algorithm that Facebook uses to organically share posts. Think of it this way. It’s a crude, but effective analogy. The first time you do cocaine….wow…that’s a boost to the system. Each time after that it takes more and more to get any rise. Now when you’re not on drugs you feel worse than you did before you ever started that first time.
I hate to quote Nancy Reagan – “But just say NO” …uhm to buying links or shares.