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  Twitter’s New 2014 Header Image Dimensions Credit: Click Magnet Click Magnet Internet Marketing Twitter Header Template Written by: James Christensen Published by: Click Magnet Internet marketing on April 25, 2014     If you’re like me it seems as though Twitter just got done changing their layout. Well it might be might short term […]
Email is still the highest return on investment for your internet marketing dollar.  But you can sabotage your efforts right out of the gate by not paying attention to some really basic design principles.  In this post I’m not going to touch on any copywriting concepts.  A simple search will dig up hundreds of posts […]
Ask anyone who always looks for an inexpensive solution, what amount of cash they wasted, what kind of time they lost and how many issues they faced. Everyone will tell you something or the other and people who have learned their lesson will advise you never to go for a cheap solution, especially in the […]