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Recently one of our clients was contacted by an out of state organization guaranteeing amazing results through SEO.  So amazing were their claims that my client asked me to evaluate their promises.   SEO is a valuable service and one that we provide for many of our clients.  It is not magic. It is a […]
1. You found your last web design company from this sign. Maybe not THIS sign, but how did you choose your last web company? Just because someone can publish a website, it doesn’t mean they understand your business. Click Magnet was created by three marketing professionals with an extensive background in business. We have not […]
Panda 4.0 Written by: on 5/21/14 Beware the Panda 4.0!  (Kidding) Actually we don’t know all the details yet.  As we’ve mentioned before Google is constantly updating their algorithms, so don’t be too alarmed just yet. What is interesting is that Google told us they wouldn’t be mentioning smaller updates..but the guru himself Matt Cutts […]
There are many very good agencies to choose from when selecting an SEO firm.  Unfortunately there are many to avoid as well.  We will try and outline some very definite signs the agency you’re speaking too might be worth avoiding.   1. We will guarantee to get you on the first page of Google. This […]
We’re big fans of the legendary Peter Drucker here at Click Magnet.  One of his famous phrases that gets re-quoted often around the office is, “You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it.”  While originally this was applied to his seminal work in management we can easily see how it applies today in the […]
  Will Google’s Hummingbird Update Suck the Nectar from your Website? First things first, you really shouldn’t have anything to worry about if you’ve followed the best practices we’ve talked about over the last couple of years.  So just relax.  We’ll get into the details here in a bit. One of the reasons we tell […]
  Most of us realize that online video is an extremely important part of your online mix.  So if you’re going to promote your business on YouTube you should learn to do it the correct way.  The following is a bit of advice or best practices when using YouTube.  First things first – Why are […]
The SEO game is challenging. It is an industry that changes so quickly that if your agency isn’t on top of their game they may actually be hurting your growth rather than enhancing it. Take for instance the items I’ve listed below. A year or more ago some of these things may have brought you […]
One of the biggest issues is that comparing the two isn’t really apples to apples or perhaps I should say oranges to oranges to avoid an Apple lawsuit. PPC is advertising, SEO is marketing. PPC = Advertising PPC is paid advertising from Google Adwords, Yahoo, and or other ad networks. Your ads get displayed either […]
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I know, it’s not what you wanted to hear, but the internet is a wild and crazy place. It is a highly competitive space where only the strong will survive when it comes to SEO and search engine marketing. I suppose that’s why Google would name it’s the updates to their algorithm after animals. Although […]