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It’s a horrible feeling.  You’d rather get kicked in the shins than find out your network has been attacked.  Regardless of what kind of attack, the reaction is the same: shock, disbelief, shame, and finally anger.  Don’t Panic! Here are a few steps every systems administrator can take to get back on track.  Your title […]
There are plenty of tools out there if you want to build your own website.  Click Magnet isn’t in the business of competing with those types of services.    If you had unlimited time you would probably do your own accounting, landscaping and electrical work too right?  But let’s be honest you don’t have unlimited […]
  < Is it time for a Website Redesign? Written by: James Christensen   Google It’s a sensitive question.  You’ve put your heart and soul into your website and it has performed for you over the years.  It was with you during the lean startup years, and flourished as you gained new customers.  It may […]
Ask anyone who always looks for an inexpensive solution, what amount of cash they wasted, what kind of time they lost and how many issues they faced. Everyone will tell you something or the other and people who have learned their lesson will advise you never to go for a cheap solution, especially in the […]