Facebook marketing is NOT about collecting LIKES!

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It’s Easter Sunday here in Tucson (well it is actually Easter regardless where you live but I happen to be in Tucson.) The last thing on my mind was writing a blog post about Facebook pages. However, in my newstream today  i was presented with a sponsored post from a multilevel marketing guy. I’m generally curious about how people market their business so
Click magnet Bad ExampleI thought I would check out his his page. He has a decent number of likes (over 7000) so I was a little suspicious when I noticed he only had 20 people talking about his page. For those of you that aren’t math geeks, that’s less than 1/4 of a single percent of his fans talking or engaging with his page. That’s not normal. Or I should say it’s not normal for pages that have organically gained their ‘likes”. Just to cover my backside there are a few ways he may have collected 7000+ fans who don’t care about his content. Maybe he has a huge family? A giant street team paying a dollar for every like?
Unfortunately there are probably two likely scenarios:
1. He paid a company X amount of dollars to get him likes. A: this is against FB rules B: I’ll explain later why this sucks.
2. He could have paid FB to run a bunch of ads with the ‘get more page likes’ function – also perhaps not the best idea.
Good EngagementLet’s look at a client of ours. They are just starting out and have a modest number of likes at 1500. However, out of those  1500 likes – 188  people are actually participating on the page. Or an estimated 12.2 or so percent. aka 36 times more engagement than the guy with 7000 likes. That means even though example B has less than 1/5 the likes than example A – Example B has 36 times more people who actually CARE about the business.
Likes are like the casual handshake of the selling cycle. I’ll shake almost anyone’s hand. But what is way more important is the relationship that comes next. ‘
Another negative to having likes without engaged fans can is how Facebook works. When you write a new post on your page it sends   it out to a couple of your fans to see if there is a positive or negative reaction.
If you have just .25 percent of your fans engaged the odds that the test group is one of the engaged folks is just .25 percent. Whereas for Example B – they have a 12.2 percent chance of hitting a super fan. When an engaged fan reaction o the post then Facebook starts to distribute your message to more and more of your fans.
Lastly – Your business depends on brand advocates – not casual LIKERS. Don’t buy likes. There are many more metrics that can and will be discussed. Drop us a line for more info!