Social_Media_MarketingIntegrating Social Media into your marketing plan can be a bit intimidating.  You’re going to make mistakes.  That’s what makes you human.  Social Media is about being human and not a robot. So don’t think you’re going to be perfect.  However, if you can avoid one of these big mistakes then you’ll be ahead of the game.  

Earn your Followers – Don’t buy them.

I see it all the time.  “Buy 5000 likes for just $19.99.”  But what are you really buying?  Social media isn’t about just collecting the most followers or likes.  Rather, you should be focused on building relationships with your real clients.  This is definitely one instance where quality over quantity wins out. You might have 50,000 followers, but half of them don’t actually exist or love your product it’s a wasted effort.  Continue to focus on your content and not just increasing your numbers.

Don’t be a jerk

It happens to all of us.  One of the unfortunate realities of the internet is that it allows people the opportunity to level harsh criticism with near anonymity.  Don’t fall into the trap and lash out at negativity.  We have many case studies of companies answering negative comments with profanity and insults; it doesn’t work out well in the end.  Instead, simply respond quickly to the complaint and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Fake Comments are as bad as fake followers.

Don’t do it.  I know it can be tempting.  Everyone wants more engagement and comments.  They can’t come from you!  It’s dishonest.  Customers can feel it and usually can see through it.  The best case scenario is that it makes you look foolish. The worst case scenario can possibly be legal action.  Instead what you should be doing is posting content with calls-to-action.  (E.g. like this post if you agree, comment if you have ever….)

Don’t steal your content. 

It’s pretty simple to follow this rule.  If you didn’t write it then you need to give credit to the original author.  You can use other people’s posts, but you have to cite the source.   It’s not just a moral issue.  Trying to pass other folks’ content off as your own will hurt your credibility and potential search engine rankings.  Just take the little bit of time necessary to write something true to yourself and your business.

 Only Monty Python likes Spam

This falls under the “be real” category.  If you’re commenting on blog posts or social media just to throw your own business out there you’re a spammer.  If you’re commenting because you have something useful and relevant to share that’s great!  Just make you’re doing it for the right reasons.