email mobile marketing

Email marketing is still the most cost effective way to reach your customers and leads on a regular basis.  The following is a list of considerations you should take into account when planning your next email campaign.

      1.     Make sure your font size is readable.

Remember over half of your customers are going to be reading your message on a mobile device.  Can the font be easily read?  We recommend using a pixel size of at least 14 for reading on a mobile device.

    2.   Keep the content under control

Your message is competing with many different marketers hitting the same end user.  Now more than ever you should reflect on your writing and make sure you are keeping your messages short and sweet.  On mobile it’s even more important to veer away from the long form format you might have been used to on the desktop.  Just hit ’em with your most important message. 

     3.   Mobile first – think about the small screen

While designers used to focus on the large screen of a desktop most readers are now getting their content on their mobile device.  Are you thinking about the mobile platform first?  Or is it an afterthought?

     4.  Contact Info Needs to be Easily Found

Smartphones have changed the behavior patterns of consumers.  It’s now so easy for an end user to call or email a business on the go.  These types of actions including directions and mapping need to be included within the copy of the message.  It shouldn’t be a struggle for the user to find the right button to click. 

     5. Testing Testing…and more Testing

Make sure you’re setting up your messages for different types and sizes of screens.  What works on a Nexus 7 screen might not look perfect on an Iphone.  Make sure you cross platform test everything you do.  Just because only 10% of your customers are on an unpopular device doesn’t mean you should forget about these folks!