Panda 4.0

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google panda 4Beware the Panda 4.0!  (Kidding) Actually we don’t know all the details yet.  As we’ve mentioned before Google is constantly updating their algorithms, so don’t be too alarmed just yet. What is interesting is that Google told us they wouldn’t be mentioning smaller updates..but the guru himself Matt Cutts tweeted out “Google is rolling out our Panda 4.0 update starting today.” That’s about all we know right now.
We know that previous Panda updates were designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from ranking well in search results. We also know that this must be a substantial update or they wouldn’t have mentioned it. There have been over 25 changes to the PANDA update since it’s launch in Feb of 2011.
All we know from Google is that Panda 4.0 will affect different languages. In English the impact will be felt on more of less of 7.5% of searches The timing is interesting because the update also happens at the same time Google has cracked down on spammy industries like payday loans.
What’s this mean to you? Well if you’ve followed our advice it shouldn’t have any negative impact. If you’re the webmaster of a questionable site, or you’ve been using the services of a less ethical SEO company you may have cause for concern. Releasing the two updates almost simultaneously will make it harder for webmasters to know which update is potentially penalizing their site.
In the last few hours even some sites like Ebay have noticed drop in their ranking (presumably because Ebay listings aren’t exactly great quality content) As the story develops we’ll keep you up to date!