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Most of us realize that online video is an extremely important part of your online mix.  So if you’re going to promote your business on YouTube you should learn to do it the correct way.  The following is a bit of advice or best practices when using YouTube. 

First things first – Why are you using Video?  Ideally you want to make sure you’re entertaining while you inform and engage your viewers.  

So step 1.  Make sure your content is entertaining.  

You don’t have to be slap stick – Jerry Lewis with your videos.  Even if you’re producing a tutorial,  just make sure it’s entertaining.  

Step 2 . Make sure your channel image is set up so that it can appear correct in different scales.  Text can be challenging in an icon so use it sparingly.  You’ll also want to make sure you’re using as high of a resolution an image as you can.  

Step 3. Spend some time on your channel name.  Just like a good domain or URL you want to make sure your name is memorable and succinct.

Step 4.  Just like a good PPC ad you’ll want to test your video title for effectiveness.  

Step 5.  Consider your video titles to be just like subject lines in your email. What kind of title is going to get people to click on your video? 

Step 6. The tags – Make sure you’re using descriptive tags.  At the same time you’ll want to avoid anything that’s misleading – Honesty works!

Step 7. Pay attention to your description.  The first few lines of your description are the most important part.  Make these words count!  Remember that you can insert relevant links into this section as well. 

Step 8.  Your Thumbnail – this is the visual signal for your lead to click on the video.  Is it compelling?  

Stick to some of these basic guidelines and you should see your effectiveness using video increase!