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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

We’re obsessed with email marketing at Click Magnet. Why? We’ve built and deployed literally millions of emails. Over 10 years we’ve come to understand the power and ROI of a professional email campaign. No other method can come close to email when it comes to return on investment. Click Magnet can put together a unique program designed with your business goals in mind. You would be surprised at how affordable email marketing can be.


We provide:

  • Strategy – practical help for you to take advantage of every opportunity and decrease any risk.
  • Design – we build and design responsive emails that appear beautifully on any device.
  • Automation – integrations with the all of the latest marketing automation systems.
  • Deployment – a full range of 3rd party services tailored for your situation.
  • List Services – including email appends, data cleanup, segmentation and more!