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Recently one of our clients was contacted by an out of state organization guaranteeing amazing results through SEO.  So amazing were their claims that my client asked me to evaluate their promises.   SEO is a valuable service and one that we provide for many of our clients.  It is not magic. It is a […]
Panda 4.0 Written by: on 5/21/14 Beware the Panda 4.0!  (Kidding) Actually we don’t know all the details yet.  As we’ve mentioned before Google is constantly updating their algorithms, so don’t be too alarmed just yet. What is interesting is that Google told us they wouldn’t be mentioning smaller updates..but the guru himself Matt Cutts […]
If you’re not intimately familiar with the marketing world you may find yourself slightly confused between the terms advertising and marketing. These are two very distinctive things, different and apart from each other. While both techniques are used hand in hand to increase your sales or business, they are not the same thing. If you’re […]
It’s no surprise that lots of time-strapped Tucson business marketers look to outsource their SEO to trained professionals. A simple Google search for SEO firms will turn up thousands of vendors, offering incredible results for attractively low monthly fees or even a simple one-time purchase. Search Engine Optimization is routinely cited by marketers as one […]