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I should start off by saying that I hate the term guru.   It’s an ambiguous term that too many folks have started using. If someone introduces themselves as a guru and you’re not in India, that’s a big red flag.   In the first days of social media there were very few benchmarks to […]
Facebook and other Social Media platforms are not just about interaction with your customers. Not to imply that interaction isn’t important; it most definitely is crucial. However, Social Media has evolved into driving sales and establishing successful PR campaigns for many forward thinking businesses. It’s pervasive.Unless you’re living in a rural village in a third […]
You may have noticed in the last few months a lot of buzz surrounding the latest social network to catch fire. Their numbers aren’t quite near the Facebook goliath, but they’re growing at astounding rate. What does this mean for your business? I’m so glad you asked. How are people using this site? Interestingly enough […]
Imagine that you are at a gathering with everybody you’ve ever met, from your niece to your high school guidance counselor. Now imagine that you’ve got a bullhorn in to which you can broadcast every thought you have the second it jumps into your brain. (And so can everyone else.) That’s pretty much the world […]
There are hundreds of manuals about Twitter and how best to make use of it and none of them agree on what is best. Here I am looking only at the way you can use this to improve and leverage your blogging efforts. What is Twitter? Let’s start with a definition from Wikipedia. Twitter is […]