Click Magnet 1. You found your last web design company from this sign. Maybe not THIS sign, but how did you choose your last web company? Just because someone can publish a website, it doesn’t mean they understand your business. Click Magnet was created by three marketing professionals with an extensive background in business. We have not only built hundreds of optimized websites since 1996, but more importantly, we have helped dozens of businesses increase their profits through digital marketing. Are you hiring a digital agency or just website company?

2. Experience. How long has your web designer or social media consultant been in business? At Click Magnet we’ve been specializing in Digital Marketing since 1996. We started in social media with Friendster, then Myspace etc. and have pursued a continuing education in the discipline ever since. Heck, we remember BBS systems and 2400 baud modems. That’s right – we’ve come a long way!

3. We have roots! We’ve been involved in marketing (both digital and traditional) for over 20+ years. What was your current web designer doing 20 years ago? Were they old enough to drive? There are many talented young people in the industry today, but there is no substitute for real world experience.

4. Resources. Because we’ve been working in the industry for so long we have a myriad of resources available. There’s a very good chance that the challenge your business is currently facing is one that we’ve seen before. While we choose to specialize in a few key areas, we have an extensive list of trusted resources that can save you time and heartache.

5. Local. You can probably find someone that will build your website for just a little less money. We decided a long time ago not to compete on price. What you won’t find is someone else locally that will build your website the right way for less money. We are available to meet face to face with our clients and have developed long term relationships with many business owners.  We are the local resource for your business that’s available when you need us.