Twitter’s New 2014 Header Image Dimensions

Credit: Click Magnet
Click Magnet Internet Marketing Twitter Header Template

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If you’re like me it seems as though Twitter just got done changing their layout. Well it might be might short term memory loss or maybe it’s true. Regardless , it is time for you to revisit your twitter account. They’ve changed the design AGAIN.
So to help you get your account in order we came up with a little template that might help a bit. There’s no doubt that the new twitter layout is pretty cool. It’s all fancy and responsive. But it also makes it a little tricky for the average person to know exactly what part of their header image will show up as desired. The official twitter blog suggests using a dimension of 1500px by 500. However, we agree with some other folks that 1500×420 works just a little bit better for us. Note the sections that lose visibility on mobile applications. With that said go nuts and try out the new layout!