1. Welcome to our world – The Welcome Email.

If someone has just signed up to your mailing list thank them.  You might also want to let them know what they can expect to receive in the way of future emails. Will you be sending out messages twice a week?  Once a week?  Above all thank them for joining your community.  The sooner you can send it out the better!

    2.  Your actual newsletter

This is different than a promotional or sales email.  The key element to a newsletter is news – or valuable information to the reader.  You have to not just promise them, but show them that they chose wisely to join your list.  You’re going to share information with them not just sell them on stuff!  Include items like all of your social media links, announcements, events, news etc. Keep in mind that it is still an email.  You don’t need to drag it out too long. Hit your keypoints and move on.

    3.  The Promo Email

Here is the place for your one of kind offers.  Make sure you have clear calls to action. The reader has to know what’s in it for them.  Make sure your offer is new and fresh.   Don’t just keep repeating the same offer month after month.  With that said make sure you’re not sending promo emails too often.  We recommend that once a month is good and probably no more than twice a month. 


These three emails should be staples in your marketing plan.  On occasion you want to supplement them with ad hoc specialty items.  In the meantime these will set up your email list with a solid foundation.