Build your own sitesThere are plenty of tools out there if you want to build your own website.  Click Magnet isn’t in the business of competing with those types of services.    If you had unlimited time you would probably do your own accounting, landscaping and electrical work too right?  But let’s be honest you don’t have unlimited time.  

Your website is the face of your company.  Your website is the closest thing many prospects will see to a salesperson.  Your website is the closest thing you have to a greeter at the front door of your business.  Is your virtual salesperson doing a great job at greeting each potential customer?  Is your virtual salesperson wearing the right outfit? Speaking in a persuasive and effective manner? 

When you hire an agency like Click Magnet it shouldn’t just be for our experience in launching websites.  We’ve been producing optimized websites in Tucson since 1996, but we offer so much more.   

We can build a website that communicates effectively to your customers.   We understand about how the ease of use will affect conversion rates.  We study user experiences on dozens of websites daily, so that when we launch your new site the users get more than they expect –  without the frustration of bad content arrangement, broken or misleading links etc.   We have been producing effective marketing copy for almost 20 years; so you don’t have to spend your time researching the most persuasive call to action text.

Mobile optimized websites?  Sure some build your own services offer responsive websites.  Did you know that if you don’t properly configure a responsive site it may not even appear on the devices your customers are using?   Again, if you have unlimited time there is no doubt you could learn the right settings through trial and error.  How much time do you have?

Once you finally get your build your own site up there can be a new set of problems.  Do you know how to get it onto your own custom domain name?  Do you know what kind of hosting you need?  How about the safest hosting methods so that your users’ information isn’t vulnerable to hacking?  

I could go on for another page or two about the different challenges that might creep up on you if you’re building your own site.  All of these challenges can be avoided without too much trouble.  Of course we have twenty years of experience helping our clients get online.  How much is your time and effort worth to you?  We have professional websites starting at just $1900.  How much is your time worth?

Find a web team that you feel comfortable with.  We’re a partner and a resource for our clients.  If you’d like more information send an email today to