Is Your Tucson Business on Facebook? If not, WHY NOT?

Are you a Tucson business owner? If the answer is yes then you need to strongly consider setting up a Facebook fan page. The fan page was created by Facebook to allow “Celebrities” or businesses to connect to their consumer base. A normal personal page on Facebook has certain limitations (e.g. limits on friends etc) that needed to be adjusted. Voila! The Fan page was born. Some businesses are intimidated by Facebook. Are you nervous about jumping into the social arena? Regardless of what kind of business you have, odds are you can enjoy some of the benefits of creating a fan page.

  • As of 2011 there are 600 million active Facebook users
  • 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up
  • 35+ year olds represent over 30% of the Facebook userbase
  • 71.2% of the US web audience is on Facebook
  • 57% of people talk more online than they do in real life
  • 48% of young Americans find out about news through Facebook
  • 750 million photos were uploaded over New Year’s weekend
  • In 20 minutes on Facebook there are:
    • 1 million links shared
    • 1.48 million event invites
    • 1.97 million friend requests accepted
    • 2.71 million photos uploaded
    • 2.71 messages sent
    • 1.32 million photos tagged
    • 1.85 million status updates
    • 1.58 million wall posts; and
    • 10.2 million comments made.


  1. Facebook is really freakin’ huge! With over 600 million active users, more than twice the population of the U.S. is on Facebook! Nearly half of all Facebook users log in every day! The average Facebook user spends just under an hour a day on Facebook!  ATTN: 2014 update – Facebook now has over 1.23 billion active users!

  2. Metrics “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Facebook has an excellent set of analytic tools free of charge. You can track all sorts of things about your fan base including demo info, geographic location, language choice etc. It also allows you to track which of your updates sparked the most amount of feedback. This way you can continue to provide the information that your audience is requesting.

  3. Branding Fan pages are different than personal pages. You can use your fan page in differently than you would if it were your personal account. You can follow branding guidelines much in the same way your website does. You can customize it until it ultimately looks like part of your “Brand”. By keeping your personal and business pages separate you can maintain their distinction. You’re still able to use your personal page to communicate with close family and friends.

  4. Unlimited Fans Facebook limits your personal pages to a just 5000 friends. Now for most people this won’t be an issue. If however you’re sharing your personal page to include business contacts you may find 5000 to be limiting. The fan page on the other hand has no such restrictions on the number of “fans” that can like it. Some successful businesses have hundreds of thousands of fans. Another distinct advantage the fan page has over personal pages is the update feature. With a fan page you’re able to send updates to all of your fans at once. While we caution you from contacting your fans too often, well timed updates to your fan base can be a powerful tool.

  5. Google and SEO Here it is, frosting on the cake! Fan pages are indexed by Google. Personal profile pages are not. That means your fan page content can be found by anyone doing a Google search. This enables visitors to the web that aren’t familiar with your website to find your content through your Facebook page.

    Facebook is the 2nd most visited site online. Any links on your fan page connecting your site to Facebook will offer you some much appreciated juice in the search engine rankings.