It all comes down to numbers. There are 327 million mobile phone users in the U.S. (CTIA) and 90% have handsets that can access the Internet (comScore, Gartner).

Your customers might not be able to find your business; those that do may waste time trying to get to the information or services they need. That kind of poor experience won’t win new customers and may alienate existing ones. Mobile visitors currently account for over 11% of our Click Magnet’s web traffic. If you could gain just 10% more customers how would that affect your bottom line?

Click Magnet focuses on mobile in these specific ways:

  1. Mobile Navigation and User Interface Create an interface that presents only the information most applicable to mobile users. Mobile users tend to look for information like phone numbers and maps much more quickly than someone viewing the site on a desktop computer with a larger screen.

  2. Scale Back Mobile Content Identifying and prioritizing existing content like maps, directions, and phone numbers will help mobile users get to the information they are looking for much quicker.

  3. Reducing Bandwidth Reduce bandwidth for slower mobile networks (make the site load faster). A website that looks normal on a full size computer will require painstakingly slow zooming and scrolling to view on a mobile screen. Resolutions and technologies that may work on normal websites often aren’t applicable to the mobile user.

Mobile users are also likely to have more immediate and goal-directed intentions than their desk-bound counterparts. Their intentions are often to find out specific pieces of information that are relevant to their context. Your customers may want to call your business very quickly if they are already in the buying phase. Utilizing a cell phone’s click-to-call feature allows mobile visitors to easily call, rather than having to complete an email form or dial the number.